Ricotta Tiramisu

 It’s time to be bad, but only a little, I promise.  Remember how I told you that I learned to make creme fraiche and I couldn’t stop eating it?  Well, this time it’s much worse because  I learned to make ricotta tiramisu.

No matter how much you cook, some simple things can be a first. I never realized how stupidly easy this dessert is to make. The only downside is, in order to enjoy the full blown flavor meld you have to keep it in the fridge overnight. Or maybe, eat half, and keep the other half in the fridge overnight. Just a hint. Everyone wins.


12 Italian ladyfingers3/4 cup freshly ewed coffee, use espresso for best results1 cup of ricotta cheesezest of one orange, finely chopped2 tbs of Amaretto liquor2 tbs sugarcocoa powder, for dusting